Relocation Agents

Are you missing commissions?

Yacht Brokers

Do you audit your FX broker?

Property Agents / Developers

Good FX sales conversion?

Financial / Mortgage Advisors

Do you control commissions?

How often do you reconcile commission statements from your current FX broker with the referrals you give them?

A significant percentage of clients are not correctly allocated to affiliate accounts in traditional FX brokers - which could mean that you don't earn commission on every client as you should!

Our platform allocates your commissions in real-time! no need to reconcile with your forex broker.

With Affiliate FX you are in control, meaning that every client will earn you a commission - guaranteed!

With Affiliate FX you keep control of the client relationship

No more handing over your client details to a third party and hoping for the best.

Use our robust, secure technology platform to establish your own, in house currency service, where you choose the profit generated from your clients - your clients, your sales, your profits!